Preliminary legal opinion by Prof. Dr. Kai Ambos

Prof. Dr. Kai Ambos, Judge Kosovo Specialist Chambers, Hague, NL; advisor (amicus curiae) Colombian Special Jurisdiction for Peace, Georg August Universität Göttingen in Germany: 1. I  was asked by the “Verband Jüdischer Studierender Nord (VJSNord)” to give an opinion, in my academic capacity and from an international criminal law perspective, on the treatment of the minority group of the Uyghurs inContinue reading “Preliminary legal opinion by Prof. Dr. Kai Ambos”

The Uyghur Crisis – briefing paper (January 2020)

It is estimated that close to two million Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities are being detained indefinitely in ‘re-education’ camps in China’s western Xinjiang Region, where they are forced to deny their religion and culture as ‘backwards and dangerous. The Chinese government denies the claims, saying people willingly attend special ‘vocational schools’, which combatContinue reading “The Uyghur Crisis – briefing paper (January 2020)”

Europe’s young Jews stand up for the Uighurs

On Monday we remembered the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Thousands of people, including politicians and celebrities, declared “Never again” and affirmed that the biggest crime in human history should never be allowed to be forgotten lest it occur again. But for us, the young Jews of Europe,Continue reading “Europe’s young Jews stand up for the Uighurs”